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    Geatsink has been focusing on the research of heat transfer, heat quality, and heat energy recycling.

    We are recruiting talents with outstanding abilities in every job.

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  • 1. Statistics, feedback and tracking of electronic product debugging and quality problems;

    2. Verification, confirmation and functional testing of the trial production process of electronic products, and cooperation with third-party testing

    3. Statistics, feedback and tracking processing of incoming inspection of electronic components and quality problems;

    4. Arrange and archive inspection records.

    Job Requirements:

    Have certain English reading ability.

  • 1. Assist in the processing of business export documents;

    2. Production and release of business orders;

    3. Follow-up and exception handling of order execution;

    4. Connect with customers' daily work;

    5. Responsible for inspection arrangement and follow-up;

    6. Responsible for the arrangement and follow-up of shipment;

    7. Responsible for completing temporary related work assigned by superiors.

    job requirements:

    1. Require college degree or above;

    2. Foreign language or foreign trade major;

    3. English level 4 or above;

    4. Optimistic, positive, and cheerful, with good communication skills.

  • Job Responsibilities:

    1 Coordinate daily tasks such as job distribution, management, and counseling in the after-sales workshop; ’

    2 Responsible for the coordination of temporary emergencies

    3 Responsible for arranging, inspecting, supervising the cleaning and maintenance of the after-sales reception area and workstations, and implementing 5S management;

    4 Responsible for technical training of after-sales workshop employees and professional training of relevant departments;

    5. Responsible for the summary analysis of after-sales workshop data, and form data reports;

    6 Responsible for departmental agreements and support, assisting the work and business development of other departments of the company.


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