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Li Qingmei Personnel department

She is optimistic, diligent and diligent, and spends more time and energy in order to complete a work task perfectly; she is not afraid of difficulties and challenges, she racks her brains to find a way, and can always complete the task superbly. Although she is a girl, she is attentive, conscientious, patient and responsible, and knows her business well. She is versatile and actively participates in various activities of the company, which can always drive everyone to participate in happy things. She is dedicated to her duties, not afraid of hardships or tiredness, and has made company training vivid and colorful. She is Comrade Li Qingmei from the General Personnel Department.

Li Qingmei joined the company in March 2012 as the company's personnel specialist, mainly responsible for recruitment, training, file management, and official seal management. In the recruitment work in 2012-2013, Qi Shenglun worked very hard, because the job faced was also very difficult. Recruiting foreign personnel, due to the large number of needs, there are certain requirements for arrival time, and there are fewer Russian majors in Qingdao colleges, so recruitment is very difficult. However, Li Qingmei took the initiative to collect resumes and contact personnel for interviews. Since many graduates of Russian majors are from other places, it is not convenient to interview in Qingdao. To a certain extent, it affected the recruitment interview rate. Later, she thought of going online The video interview method makes the interview rate much higher, and to some extent alleviates the difficulties caused by the scarcity of small languages. During that time, she almost kept on making calls every day, communication, appointment dates, interviews, etc. In the end, she completed the recruitment task with quality and quantity.

In the training work, everyone is obvious to all. Every time during the training, we will see her memorize the training manuscript in the conference room very early, and work tirelessly there, in order to bring you a vivid and perfect training course. She will carefully prepare each small story case, so that the morning meeting will be rich in content, closely related to the theme, and vivid. Careful preparation and selection of video training materials have made great progress in our morning training and Saturday video training.

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